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Competitive intelligence systems

Fuld and Company Inc

For reviews and evaluation of software like Intelligent, C-4-U Scout, WebQL, Knowledge Works, ClearResearch Suite, Market Signal Analyzer, Brandpulse, TextAnalysts, TrackEngine, Strategy, PlanBee, Wincite and WisdomBuilder.  


Knowledge and content management systems 

A content Management and Web Publishing Gazetteer / by Philip Hunter, Cultivate Interactive, issue 5, 1 October 2001.


Content Management Systems / by Paul Browning and Mike Lowndes, a JISC TechWatch Report TSW 01-02, September 2001. 


Blue Ocean Software Inc
Vendor of Track It help desk/inventory software

Blue World Communications

Vendor of Lasso 3, a tool for custom and instant web database publishing for Filemaker Pro and ODBC compliant databases across multiple platforms


Vendor of Themescape product suite, which creates information maps of large collections of documents and web pages.

Excalibur Technologies

Vendor of Knowledge retrieval and media asset management solutions 


Vendor of Portalware suite to enable organisations to customize portals through  aggregation, categorisation and delivering content to customers over the Internet. 

NetMap Solutions

Vendor of Netmap data visualisation software


Vendor of Information discovery, management and sharing technologies, including BullsEye, an Internet/intranet tool for integrated searching, management, analysis, reporting, tracking and alerting. 


Library management systems 


Some useful sources

The American Library Association publishes an annual survey of the library automated system marketplace in the Library Journal. The 2001 survey is published in the Library Journal 1 April 2002: It also publishes the monthly newsletter Library Systems.  


Information today: the newspaper for users and producers of electronic information services and publisher of the Directory of Library Automation Software, Systems and Services.


The library administrator’s automation handbook / Richard W. Boss. Medford, NJ: Information Today, 1997. A basic introduction to selecting, implementing and maintaining library systems.


Vendors and systems

Adlib Information Systems

Vendor or Adlib.

Altarama Systems Pty Ltd

Vendor of RefTracker request management system for librarians.

AMPL Software

Vendors of Procite and Reference Manager

Book Mark Library Services

Vendor of Book Mark

CASPR Library Systems 

Vendor of LibraryNet 98, a web server add-on that allows a library to publish its collection on a local network or the World Wide Web so that any standard Internet browser program can search it 


Vendor of Library Pro


Vendor of Spydus library solutions 

Concord Australia

Vendor of AIMS and Masterfile

DA Library Technologies

Vendor/supplier of TLC's Library Solution, Traffic Pro, Traffic Insight. and Interact Security.

Denbeigh International:

Vendor of Access- It


Vendor of AMICUS, Librivision  

EOS International

Vendor of GLAS 

Endeavour Information Systems

Vendor of Voyager, Encompass and LinkfinderPlus 

Enterprise Information Management
Supplier of Inmagic DB/Textworks and publisher of Online Currents 


Vendor of Horizon, Dynix, NOTIS, Servicepoint 


Vendor of ALEPH, MetaLib, SFX 

Fretwell Downing Informatics

Vendor of ZPORTAL integration software 

GEAC Computers: 

Vendor of Advance Integrated System, PLUS integrated library system, V-Smart, VUBIS and Book Plus 

Infovision Technology

Vendor of Amlib Library Management System

Innovative Interfaces.

Vendor of Millennium 

Insight Informatics

Vendor of Libero library management system 

Maxus Australia
Authorised dealer for Inmagic products in Autralia.


Vendor of Auto Librarian 


Vendor of Metamarc  

Optimus Prime

Vendor of First  

Random Computing Services:

Vendor of RIMr, a Lotus Domino application for capturing, storing and indexing the research process, including client relations, research tracking and management reporting.


Vendor of Athena and Spectrum 

Sirs Inc

Vendor of Mandarin Library Automation System 

Sirsi Australia

Vendor of Unicorn  

Softlink International. 

Vendor of Alice, Liberty 3 and OASIS.


Vendor of Surpass  


Vendor of SydneyPLUS information management systems, designed for special libraries 

Trimagic Software Pty Ltd
Supplier of INMAGIC software used predominately in special libraries, for library records management purposes 

TLC The Library Corporation

Vendor of Library Solution, Carl Solution, CARLWeb, Kid's Catalog Web and other library software.


Vendor of VTLS2000 and Virtua  


Museum systems

ADLIB Information Systems
Vendor of ADLIB Basis, Standard and Plus


Vendor of Testtimony software, aimed specifically at organisations seeking to communicate complex ideas to the general public including museums, galleries and historic site.

Information Services and Technology
Vendors of Collections MOSAIC Plus

Maxus Australia 
Produces and sells a museum package based on the DB/TextWorks software 

For further information on museum systems, see also Australian Museums Online


Records and document management systems

Enterprise Information Management
Supplier of Inmagic DB/Textworks and publisher of Online Currents

GMB Records and Information Software
Vendor of Recfind electronic record-keeping system

Tower Software
Vendor of TRIM electronic record-keeping system  

Trimagic Software Pty Ltd
Supplier of InMagic software used predominately in special libraries, for library records management purposes.


Venue management systems  

Adelaide Festival Centre Trust
Developer of TED, The Event Database developed from Advanced Revelation software for the Adelaide Festival Centre 

BOCS Ticketing & Marketing Solutions

Vendor of BOCS system

Vendor of EBMS, the Event Business Management System, for the meeting and entertainment industry. Clients include Sydney Opera House Trust and Victorian Arts Centre.

Venue Technology

Vendor of TIKEX, TOTEM and EventPro systems



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