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Customer service

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Understanding user needs & trends  


Brockman, William S, Neumann, Laura, Palmer, Carole L and Tidline, Tonyia. Scholarly work in the humanities and the evolving information environment. Council of Library and Information Resources. 2001. 


CAVAL. Has produced a report on performance measures for reference services to library managers, reference staff, undergraduates, post-graduates and general staff. Produced a model for analysing data on 12 main performance indicators under three main dimensions: attributes, support and knowledge. Copies are available at   


D'Elia, George and others. The impact of the Internet on public library use: an analysis of the current consumer market for library and internet services / by George D'Elia, Corinne Jorgensen, Joseph Woelfel and Eleanor Jo Rodger. Journal of the American Society of Information Science and Technology. Vol 53 no 10, 2002: 802-820


Henczel, Susan. The information audit: a practical guide. Munich: KG Saur, 2001.


Herman, Eti. End-users in academia: meeting the information needs of university researchers in an electronic age, parts 1-2. Aslib Proceedings, Vol 53, no 9 Oct 2001; 387-401 and Aslib Proceedings, Vol 53, no 10, Nov/Dec 2001:431-457


Humanities and the arts on the information highway. a profile. Final report developed by the Getty Arts History Information a joint project with the American Council of Learned Societies and the Coalition for Networked Information]; 


Knowing ourselves and others: the humanities in Australia into the 21st century /prepared by a Reference Group for the Australian Academy of the Humanities 1998. See Vol 3, chapter 8: Libraries in the Information Infrastructure for Humanities Scholars in Australia by Graeme Johanson, Don Schauder and Edward Lim.;


National Library of Australia. Reports on a review of the Library's reference service are available at and


Pavliscak, Pamela, Ross, Seamus, and Henry, Brockman, William S (2001). Information technology in humanities scholarship: achievements, prospects and challenges the United States focus. (American Council of Learned Societies Occasional Paper no 37). Available from <>


Research Support Libraries Group. Researchers' use of libraries and other information sources: current patterns and future trends by Education for Change Ltd, SIRU University of Brighton and The Research Partnership for the Research Support Libraries Group. Higher Education Funding Council for England, 2002. Concludes that this is evidence of some significant differences in research requirements and behaviour between subject disciplines. These differences are apparent in three areas: diversity of required research materials and research resource providers; continued importance of physical access to research materials; and requirements for mediated information and library services, including skills and awareness raising activities. The report also commented on the effectiveness of mediated subject gateways and portals as means of accessing electronic research resources. Available from Research Support Libraries Group 


State Library of New South Wales. A research project to evaluate user services in 1999 reported the following trends: onsite usage is static; use of collections and services is increasing; use of the library's website is growing at the rate of 100% a year. 


University of Queensland Library. Report on library customer survey


University of Sydney Library

Results of survey aimed at improving effectiveness of library website and associated services is published at Includes copy of questionnaire.  

Making capital out of user transactions


Delivering information capability. The application of knowledge management in the Defence Library Service / Iain Brown and Lee Williams. Paper presented at the Information Online and On Disk Conference 1999. Includes information on RIMr software for tracking client requests.


Implementing an information request database at the State Library of New South Wales. Article by John Wright examining the evolution of the Information Request Database at the State Library of New South Wales between April and December 1998 and the advantages this database has provided in managing the ever increasing flow of enquiries from users of the library from all over the world. LASIE March 199:5-15


National Gallery of Australia Research Library. Model web-enabled reference enquiry form at National Gallery of Australia site. Click Research button for access to form 


University of Sydney Library. Web-enabled enquiry form for teaching staff, students and researchers at the University. 

Document delivery


Infotrieve Australasia

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