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INTRODUCTION. Presenter  Paul Bentley, Director of Paul Bentley & Associates.  Information Alert Services Overview. Information Overload. Mapping
Sources of Information. Controlling Information. Extracting Knowledge
from Information. Attributes of Major Computerised Support Systems.
Online Databases. Integrated Library Management Systems. Business
Planning. Strategic Marketing Analysis for Libraries & Information
Centres. The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing. Thinker's Tool Kit. PIECES
Problem-Solving Framework. The Power of Simplicity. A Technique for
Producing Ideas. Imagination is More Important than Knowledge. Further

THE EVER-SHIFTING EVER-CHANGING INFORMATION INDUSTRY. Presenter: Donald T Hawkins, Director of Intranet Development, Information Today Inc & Editor-in-Chief of Information Science Abstracts. Some Questions to Think About. Turning on the Light Bulbs of Information Professionals. Information Science Map. Countries of Publication in Information Science E-Journals. Shifts in the Information Industry Sand. Some Technologies to Watch. What Will Happen to the Aggregators? Keeping Up - The Gatekeepers. Traditional A&I Services Newsletters. Information Science Publications 2002. Leading Information Science Journals 2002.
e-Journals in Information Science. Bulletin Boards/Lists/Blogs. Search
Engine Bulletin Boards/Lists/ Blogs. Conclusion.

USER PROFILING. Presenter: Sue Henczel, Education & Business Development Manager, CAVAL and author of The Information Audit. Overview. Why Profile? The Process. Questioning Users. Choosing the Right Data Collection Method. Analysing Data. Resources - Their Use and Importance. Validating the Outcomes. Defining Products and Services.

USING INTELLIGENCE. Presenter: Andrew Ford, Epistemic Intelligence Australia. Definitions of intelligence: a national security perspective. The
intelligence cycle. The competitive intelligence cycle. Intelligence
processes. Open source: the role of information professionals. Where
does the information professional fit in? National security and CI
processes are the same! Tools needed to support the new information
professional's role. Resource discovery tools: search engines, automated
taxonomies, Intelligent agents, Search agents. KM solutions. CI
solutions. Database solutions. Collaborative solutions. Emerging
technologies. Challenges & conclusions.

BIBLIOGRAPHIC DATABASE PRODUCTION USING MS ACCESS. Presenter Donald T Hawkins. Ms Access. MS Access in Libraries. Information Science Abstracts production. Information Science & Technology Abstracts Production. Ms
Access System Development. ISTA Production Workflow. Benefits of ISA
Collection Conversion to Access. Demo. Bibliography.

PRACTISING INFORMATION EDGE. Presenter: Elizabeth Swan, Director, Information Edge. Workflow, selection and other issues in producing the Management Edge database and current awareness services. Use of MS Access. Partnering. Syndication. Re-badging.

REAL-WORLD CONTENT MANAGEMENT. Presenter: James Robertson, Director, Step Two Designs. The content management imperative. CMS goals. What is a content management system? Obtaining a CMS. Becoming better consumers. The CMS marketplace. Every product is unique. Every organisation is unique
Matching CMS and organisation. Selecting methodology. Buy Australian!
The role of librarians. Unique challenges. Achieving project success
Putting the CMS to work. Owning the site. Summary. How to evaluate a
content management system. Losing sight of the content in a content
management system.

PULLING & PUSHING WITH TRIMAGIC. Presenters: Peter Smee (Trimagic) and Michele Ritchie (Library and Information Resources Manager, AGAL). The Use of Trimagic database, Web publisher, XML, and Gatherer products. Australian Government Analytical Laboratories case study.   

PULLING & PUSHING CONTENT: Putting information in context
Presenter: Simone Wheeler (Marketing Director, Asia Pacific, Factiva). Factiva Company Overview. Leveraging Organisational Intelligence Factiva's Solutions. The Content Manager in Control.

SHARING & ENABLING INFORMATION PRACTICE: THE CONCEPT OF A STANDARD. Presenters: Rowena Loo, State Records NSW & Sue Halbwirth,  University of Technology Sydney (both members of Standards Australia KM Standard Committee). Understanding Standards Australia International. Standards: Definition, Trends, Challenges. Standards and Information Practice. Codifying Best Practice: the Records Management Standard. Bottling the Fog: the KM Interim Standard. Defining KM. The KM Interim Standards Challenges Standardising a standard: The AGLS Metadata Standard. Standards as a Tool for Defining, Aggregating, Sharing Information Practice.

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