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Performance Memories Project Partnership

Robert Brough as Jean Torqueuie in A Village Priest, a play translated from the French by Sydney Grundy, 1894. Photo ​ Ugo Catani. Image in the Dennis Wolanski Library collection at the SBW Foundation. Exhibited at the Sydney Opera House and probably copied from an original in the State Library of NSW..

In 2017 the Wolanski Foundation formed a partnership with the University of New South Wales Library, University of New South Wales Theatre and Performance Studies, and AusStage to develop the Performance Memories Project.

The project is inspired by the work of the partners in developing the performing arts industry, documenting its heritage and writing about its history. The University of New South Wales was associated with the establishment of NIDA, Old Tote Theatre Company and Jane Street Theatre. It played a major role in the opening of the Sydney Opera House. UNSW staff have a proud record in performing arts scholarship, music and theatre criticism.

The project aims to facilitate research on the performing arts, improve access to the Dennis Wolanski Library research files, programs and indexes, and support the development of AusStage.

The Dennis Wolanski collection, transferred from the SBW Foundation in 2016, comprises an estimated 4 million pages of information mainly about the performing arts in Australia 1789-1997 in the form of clippings, programs, correspondence, discographies, CVs, invitations, funeral service programs, program notes, publisher blurbs, press releases and card indexes with 85,000 entries. The SBW Foundation retained a small collection of archival material and photographs, including the photograph to the left,

In 2018, the Performance Memories Project will be focussing on converting the card indexes to digital form, creating a digital list of all research files and adding selected unindexed programs to the digital lists as we prepare digitisation plans and migration of data and digital objects to discovery platforms.

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