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Sydney Opera House: an annotated list of sources & services





At the State Library of NSW 

Jørn Utzon Sydney Opera House collection. Includes 2561 architectural drawings.


At State Records NSW 


NSW Public Works Department records. Includes Jørn Utzon's original competition drawings.


At the Sydney Opera House Trust 


[Brown Book 1955]. Conditions and programme for the Opera House competition. Sydney, 1955. 


[Competition drawings 1956]. Small scale versions donated to the Sydney Opera House Trust by Willi Ulmer in 1987.


[Red Book 1959]. Drawings prepared by Utzon in consultation with Ove Arup Partners and others and published in 1959. 


[Major Hall configurations 1959]. Drawings by Jørn Utzon showing major hall multiple configurations, December 1959. 


[Yellow Book 1962]. Drawings by Jørn Utzon and others, presented in 1962. Shows spherical solution


[Blue book 1962].  The Sydney Opera House and Circular Quay. Recommendations by Jørn Utzon for car park, bus terminus and pedestrian approach, November 1962. 


[Hall Todd & Littlemore drawings, 1969]. Drawings for Stage 3, February 1968.


[Stage Machinery]. Sydney Opera House stage machinery drawings issued by Waagner Biro. 


[Evolution 1957-1970] The evolution of the Sydney Opera House stages.  


At the National Library of Australia


H. Ingham Ashworth Papers 1954-1968. Includes architectural drawings.



At the Sydney Opera House 


Original Utzon exterior model, 1957. 


Model showing spherical geometry, 1962. 


Model showing section of Major Hall [now the Concert Hall], 1965. 


Model showing engineering services at the Opera House, 1966 [The Lambert Model]. Constructed by Lambert Industrial Models Pty Ltd. Restored 2003-2006 by Porter Models Pty Ltd.

Model showing section of Major Hall [now Concert Hall] February 1966.
Donated by Jørn Utzon in 1995.


Small exterior model, commissioned by the Sydney Opera House Trust in 1986 for travelling exhibitions.


At the Powerhouse Museum


Finecraft model no 1. Showing exterior of the House. Commissioned by Jørn Utzon in 1963 and subsequently modified with final glass walls solution.


At the State Library of New South Wales 


Jorn Utzon records 1956-1967. Collection includes 4 wooden models.


At Ove Arup and Partners 


Model used in wind tunnel tests. [Displayed in the Building of the Century Exhibition, Sydney Opera House, 1988/89]


At the National Library of Australia


H. Ingham Ashworth Papers 1954-1968. Includes architectural model.


Other Models 


Other models are in private hands or have been destroyed. These include a spherical model [S Haviland collection]; model of an early design for the Minor Hall of the Sydney Opera House, 1960. [photograph of the latter, with H; Ingham Ashworth seated in the model, is in the Jørn Utzon collection in the State Library of New South Wales; it was reproduced as a postcard for the Unseen Utzon exhibition, Sydney Opera House, 1994/95].  


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