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Australian performing arts publications


Acquino, J L and Kitney, J J. Statistical analysis of subsidized dance, drama and puppetry companies 1974-1978: activity and financial statistics for twenty-eight performing arts companies receiving general grants from the Theatre Board. of the Australia Council.  North Sydney: Australia Council, 1980. A survey commissioned by the Theatre Board. Covers all aspects of the performing arts.


All the world’s a stage: an Australian British Theatre Exhibition to mark the opening of the Sydney Opera House by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth 11 on October 20, 1973 / edited by Hugh Paget. Includes an essay on Australian theatre by Margaret Williams and a catalogue of items included in the exhibition


Allen, J., ed.  Entertainment arts in Australia. Dee Why West, NSW: Paul Hamlyn, 1968. 159p, illus. A survey, drawing together some opinions from critics and artists, of the state of entertainment in Australia during the 1950s.


Anderson, Kristen & Ross, Imogen. Performance design in Australia / Kristen Anderson and Imogen Ross with Emon D'Arcy, Derek Nicholson and Pamela Zeplin. St Leonards, NSW: Craftsman House and Fine Art Pub, 2001. 240 p. Inlcudes bibliographical references.


Arts Education Research in Australia: Bibliography, 1980-2001. Compiled by the Education and the Arts Section, Promoting the Value of the Arts Strategy, Audience and Market Development Division, Australia Council for the Arts. Surry Hills, NSW: Australia Council for the Arts, 2001. 


Atkinson, Ann, Knight Linsay & McPhee, Margaret. The dictionary of performing arts in Australia: theatre, film, radio, television. St Leonards, NSW. allen & Unwin, 1996.


Australia. Industries Assistance Commission. Assistance to the forming arts, 30 November 1976.  Canberra: Australian Government Publishing Service, 1976. 263 p. An economic study of the performing arts industry with particular reference to government subsidy in Australia.  Includes an extensive bibliography.


Australia Council. Planning for the Future: Issues, Trends and Opportunities for the Arts in Australia. Discussion paper. Sydney: Australia Council, 2001.


Australian Unesco Seminar, Broadbeach, Queensland, 1976.  Entertainment and society: report of the Unesco seminar held at Broadbeach, Queensland, June 8- 12 1976 / edited by G. Caldwell. Canberra, Australian Government Publishing Service, 1977. 242 p, illus. The purpose of the seminar was "to initiate discussions between key personnel and organisations within the entertainment field and to reflect upon the interplay between entertainment and society, especially in shaping societal and individual behaviour


Brewer, F C.The drama and music in New South Wales. Sydney, Government Printer, 1892. 95 P. A 19th century account of the development of theatre and music in New South Wales during that century.  Its usefulness has been enhanced by a typescript index by EA. Archer, held at the Mitchell Library, Sydney.


Brisbane, Katherine, ed. Entertaining Australia: an illustrated history. Sydney: Currency Press, 1991. A comprehensive view of Australia's performing arts history, including opera, concert music, theatre, dance, circus and mass media entertainment.


Carroll, B. The Australian stage album.  South Melbourne, Macmillan, 1975. 112 p, illus. A compendious history of the performing arts in Australia, including legitimate theatre, opera, ballet and vaudeville. Well illustrated.


Cunningham, Stuart. What price a creative economy? Platform Papers no 10. Strawberry Hills, NSW: Currency House, 2006.


Guldberg, Hans Hoeg, The arts economy 1968-98: three decades of growth in Australia. A research report for the Australia Council. Surry Hills, NSW: Australia Council, 2000.


Hawkes, Jon.  The fourth pillar of sustainability: culture's essential role in public planning. [Melbourne], Cultural Development Network (Vic) in association with Common Ground Publishing, 2001.


Parsons, Philip. Companion to theatre in Australia / General editor: Philip Parsons with Victoria Chance. Sydney: Currency Press in association with Cambridge University Press, 1995.  First port of call for information on Australian theatre and drama.


Performing arts yearbook of Australia, 1976- . Sydney: Showcast Publications. An annual survey of theatre, theatre restaurants, dance, opera, aboriginal arts, circus, classical music, jazz arid contemporary music, film, radio, and recordings.  Includes cast lists and other credits and is copiously illustrated.  An article on the year's events introduces each section.


Porter, H. Stars of Australian stage and screen.  Adelaide, Rigby, 1965. 304p, illus. A biographical survey of Australian actors and actresses on stage and. screen arranged in seven periods from 1789 to the 1960s.


Williams, M. Australia on the popular stage, 1829-1929: an historical entertainment in six acts. Melbourne, Oxford University Press, 1983. 310 p., illus. Traces the development of musical extravanganzas, pantomimes, domestic farces and melodramas in Australian 'theatre history and examines in detail the plays themselves.  


Saatchi & Saatchi. Australians and the arts: what do the arts mean to Australians. A report to the Australia Council from Saatchi & Saatchi Australia.Surry Hills, NSW: Australia Council, 2000. 


Throsby, C.D. Economics and culture. Cambridge University Press, 2001.


Throsby, C D and Withers, G A. The economics of the performing arts.  Melbourne, Edward Arnold, 1979. 348 p. An economic analysis of the performing arts.  Advances policies for their effective funding.  The major examples relate to Australian companies. 



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