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Australian dance publications  

Ausdance guide to Australian dance companies / researcher: Clare Dyson. Canberra: Ausdance, 1994.


Australia Council.  Theatre Board. Support for professional dance: Theatre Board  North Sydney, Australia Council, 1981. 311 p, illus. A survey and analysis of Australian dance companies supported financially by the Australia Council.  Includes a brief historical introduction and recommendations for the development of dance in Australia.

Cargher, John. Opera and ballet in Australia. Sydney: Cassell, 1977. 352p, illus

Challingsworth, E P. Dancing down the years: the romantic century in Australia.  Melbourne, Craftsman Press, 1978. 88 p, illus. A history of l9th century social dancing in Australia, with musical examples.  

Currency companion to music and dance in Australia / edited by John Whiteoak and Aline Scott-Maxwell. Sydney: Currency Press, 2003

Fisher, Lynn. Dance out of Darkness: and annotated bibliography of dance-related materials held in institutions in Sydney, Australia. Prepared by Lynn Fisher. University of Nepean, 1994.

Formby, D. Australian ballet and modern dance.  Rev. edition.  Sydney, Lansdowne Press, 1981. 168p, illus. A photographic study of Australian dance in the 1970s.  First published by Ure Smith in 1976.

Hall, Hugh P. Ballet in Australia from Pavlova to Rambert: photographs and commentary. Melbourne, Georgian House, 1948. 211p., illus. A photographic record of ballet in Australia from 1926 to 1948. A large proportion of the book is devoted to the companies brought to Australia by Col. W. De Basil, 1936-1940 and includes a full list of each company's repertoire. The National Library of Australian acquired the Hugh P Hall collection of photographs (See articles by Lee Chistofis and John Thomson in National Library of Australia News October 2007, pages 3-7).

Laughlin, P J. Marilyn Jones: a brilliance all her own.  South Yarra, Victoria: Quartet Books, 1978. 127p., illus. Marilyn Jones achieved distinction as one of Australia's finest ballerinas.  This biography traces her dancing career with the Borovansky Ballet, the Australian Ballet and a number of foreign companies.

Lisner, C M. The Australian Ballet, twenty-one years.  St Lucia, Q., University of Queensland Press, 1983. 143p, illus. A history and assessment of Australia’s national ballet company, 1962-1983.  Includes a chronology, lists of repertoire, principal artists arid guest artists. Copiously illustrated, many in colour.

Lisner, C M. My journey through dance. St Lucia, Qld, University of Queensland Press, 1979. 191 p., illus. Deals particularly with Lisner's pioneering work with the Queensland Ballet Company.

Luminous: Celebrating 50 years of the Australian Ballet: edited by Kate Scott and Lorelei Vashti ; picture research Jo Sapir and Jasmin Tulk ; art direction &​ design by 3 Deep Design]. Southbank, Vic: The Australian Ballet, 2011

Pask, E H. Ballet in Australia: the second act.1940-1980. Melbourne, Oxford University Press, 1982. 317p, illus.

Pask, E H. Enter the colonies, dancing: a history of dance in Australia, 1835-1940.  Melbourne, Oxford University Press, 1979. 188 p., illus. The two volumes by Edward Pask provide a detailed history of theatrical dancing in Australia, particularly classical ballet arid modern dance.  Copiously illustrated and each volume has a full chronology.

Salter, E. Helpmann: the authorised biography of Sir Robert Helpmann CBE.  Brighton, Eng., Angus & Robertson, 1978. 247 P., illus. The life of Australia’s internationally acclaimed dancer, choreographer, actor and director - a career which included artistic directorship of the Australian Ballet in the 1960s and 1970s.

Salter, F. Borovansky: the man who made Australian ballet.  Sydney, Wildcat Press, 1980. 216 p., illus. A biography of Edouard Borovansky whose vigorous promotion of ballet in Australia during the 1940s and 1950s with the Borovansky Ballet laid the foundations for the establishment of the Australian Ballet Company.  



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