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Australian cultural history 1788-2000. Paper by Paul Bentley tracing the development of Australian theatre, music, opera, dance, variety, film, radio and television and literature from the arrival of the First Fleet to the end of the 20th century. Summary or full text


Australia's first hospital and the landscape of health and medical museums today. Paul Bentley reviews Caps and Veils: The nursing history of Sydney Hospital matrons and its nurses 1788-1985 and looks at health and medical museums in Australia and overseas, including the Lucy-Osborn-Nightingale Foundation Museum. Originally published in Museums Australia Magazine vol 21 no 2, Summer 2012 and reprinted by kind permission of Museums Australia. Full text


Australis or the City of Zero. Information on proposed revival of JC Williamson Australian Federation pantomime and associated exhibition. Text or Bibliography 


Portrait of Clarice Lorenz by Hayward Veal. Transferred from the Dennis Wolanski Library to the State Library of NSW in 1997.

Clarice Maude Lorenz (19061981). Article by Paul Bentley on the founder of the NSW National Opera Company, published in hardcopy edition of Australian Dictionary of Biography, Volume 18, Melbourne University Press 2012 and available online at

The Wolanski Foundation will publish related research on Clarice Lorenz and the NSW National Opera Company in the near future. This will include a chronology of opera in Australia, list of NSW Opera productions, and annotated list of sources.


Garry Laycock: Australian musician 1944-1988. Biography, compositions, performances.


JC Williamson Limited. Paper by Paul Bentley on the Australian theatre and concert organisation that dominated Antipodean show business for more than a century. Summary or full text 


Kellerman Archive Bears Fruit. Summary of The Original Million Dollar Mermaid: the Story of Annette Kellerman, a project originating in the acquisition of the Annette Kellerman collection by the Dennis Wolanski Library in 1975. Summary



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