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Items re Sydney Opera House  

This is a select list of material on the Sydney Opera House acquired by the Dennis Wolanski Library of the Performing Arts and retained by the Trust as the Dennis Wolanski Archives of the Sydney Opera House. Contact the Sydney Opera House Trust for access to this material. The catalogue is regularly updated.

Archives Authority of NSW Sydney Opera House competition assessors report 6 February 1957 D865
Ashton, Nigel Documentation concerning the origins of the Sydney Opera House. D1802
Australia Council Telex messages between Miss Lewis and Mr W Judges for Dr Coombs re purpose of Sydney Opera House auditoria, 1967 D516
Bainton, Miss H Collection re Sir Eugene Goossens, Dr Edgar Bainton and Sydney Symphony Orchestra. Includes article The Creation of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra by Mrs Walter Swinson, press clippings, programs, photographs [eg 3 photographs of Goossens and Marjorie Lawrence in Sydney Town Hall performances, 1951 and caricature of Goossens, drawn by an unidentified member of the SSO  D9
Barnes, Frank Letter from Dame Joan Sutherland to Frank Barnes re unveiling of Sutherland portrait by Judy Cassab D255
  Opera Foundation of Australia papers D342
  Papers re Music Rostrum Australia and Developing the Performing Arts in NSW. D406
Bell, Noel Photographs re Sydney Opera House, 23.5.59-10.3.62 D1539
Bentley, Paul Research documents re Bennelong Point including the destruction of the Three Bees in 1814 and the first tent performance in Australia. D1824
Bott, Ralph Paper re Sydney Opera House parking dispute, 1985 D1412
Building Workers' Industrial Union Clippings and photographs re the Sydney Opera House, including photographs of Paul Robeson performing at the Sydney Opera House site, November 1960. AP55
Butcher, Elizabeth Speech by Elizabeth Butcher at dinner in honour of David Block on his retirement as Chairman of the Sydney Opera House Trust D1819
Callaway, Fred Collection re Sydney Opera House, including publications, clippings and photographs D1479
Challenger, Mr M Photograph of Louis Kahan portrait of Sir Eugene Goossens D38
Challenger, Mr M Jørn Utzon Descriptive Narrative, January 1965. D1837
Davis, Leo Slides re Sydney Opera House D1347
Dekevere, Mrs N Papers re Sydney Opera House Appeal Fund D359
Duek-Cohen, Elias Papers re re SOH 1968-1972 D1688, D1808
Ellis, Mr R E Concert Hall Sydney Opera House: seating report, prepared by RJ Magoffin for the ABC D949
Fairfax (John) and Sons Photographic prints re Sydney Opera House purchased for the Building of the Century Exhibition. Includes index of photographs re SOH in Fairfax Library and list of photographs purchased by the SOHT AP65
Feher, Mrs F Photograph of Sir Eugene Goossens D63
Freeman, Sir Bernard Papers re the Sydney Opera House 1961-1969, including Report on Survey of Managerial and Operational Requirements by Ernest Bean, 1967  D382, D504
Gore, Mr Corbet Model of crane specially devised for construction of Sydney Opera House. D1532
Gore, Mr Corbet  Ticket printed in 1964 "valid in the unlikely event of the the Grand Opening of the Sydney Opera House AD 1996" D1225/1
Gluck, Mrs C SOH competition assessors' report and related papers D1096
Hall, Peter Slides re SOH, mainly 1960s-1970s. AP64
Sydney Opera House: the design approach to the building with recommendations on its conservation. D1673
Houston, Mrs E Photograph of Sir Eugene Goossens D12
Hubble, Ava Letters from Jørn Utzon, 1982 D792
Hughes, Sir Davis Indexes of speeches given by Sir Davis Hughes re the Sydney Opera House, 1962-1974. D1233
Hughes, Sir Davis Twenty Years at the Sydney Opera House by Sir Davis Hughes. 1973. Manuscript D1725
Jacks, Miss Judith Papers re Sydney Opera House kept by High Hunt, Neil Hutchinson and Stefan Haag as members of the Sydney Opera House Executive Committee D428
Joel, Sir Asher Remnant of ribbon used by tugs to launch the Sydney Opera House  D859
Kristensen, Leif Bring Back Utzon sticker, designed by Karen Herrle with  Leif Kristensen and John Kinstler, 1967 D1533
Littlemore, David Photograph to nmark the final meeting of the SOH Site Committee 1976. D1339
Martin, Lloyd Speech at inaugural meeting of 42nd City of Sydney Eisteddfod, arguing against converting the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall and/or using the Capitol Theatre D457
Measham. Terence Postcard featuring Christo's Wrapped Sydney Opera House. D1685
Miscellaneous Miscellaneous items re SOH. Includes: Bring Back Utzon sticker; transcript of Jørn Utzon's tape recorded message, played at the Sydney Town Hall meeting 19.2.1968; Womens Day interview with Jorn Utzon 1973 D1825
Talk by Michael Lewis re SOH, ANZUS Conference, Christchurch, NZ, 1968; various PA Management Consultant reports, mainly re SOH car park 1957-1973 D512
Moses, Sir Charles Photograph of Sir Charles Moses with Jean Sibelius with letter from Jean Sibelius on the back; original painting by Sir Eugene Goossens 'Plumbing, Hotel Esplanade, Perth, WA, 1946.' D1378
Moss, Ruth Ralph Symonds papers. Includes letter of introduction to Jørn Utzon, Minutes of SOH Appeal Fund and information on location of Baldwinson perspective drawing. D1833
NSW Government Printer Photographs of Bennelong Point and the Imperial Opera House, Sydney AP63
NSW Premiers Dept Copies of NSW Public Works Department papers between Jørn Utzon and the Minister for Public Works 1965-1996  D1845
NSW State Lotteries Collection re Sydney Opera House lotteries, including tickets and application blanks D1507
Nisbett, Mr Don Sydney Opera House Stage 111 specifications D1230
Nobis, Phillip Big Jigsaw Puzzles in Space: The Significance of Utzon's interiors for the SOH [a paper]. 4 slides of Nobis's computerised simulation of Utzon's proposal for the SOH interiors [used in the Unseen Utzon exhibtion] D1826
Olsen, John Papers re Joe Lynch (subject of Olsen's mural Salute to Five Bells), including letter form Joe Lynch's sister  D253
Plush, Mr Vincent  Collection re Eugene Goossens' Memorial Concert 1973 D68
Roskowski, Mr WR Sydney Opera House lottery tickets D1697
Ryan, Mrs Dorothy Correspondence between Norman Ryan, former Minister for Public Works, and Jørn Utzon, 1995. D1807
Scott, Mrs D Collection re Sir Eugene Goossens. Includes 10 photographs. D10
Scott, Mrs Sidonie Collection re Sir Eugene Goossens, including photographs D1694
State Library of NSW Clippings re Sydney Opera House, 1947-1966. 35mm microfilm AP67
Sydney Jazz Concert Photograph of jazz concert at the Sydney Opera House, 19 December 1965. D1410
Sydney Opera House Trust Book listing contributions to the Sir Eugene Goossens Commemoration Fund 1982 D1846
  Hall Todd & Littlemore. Schedule of works for Stage 3 of the Sydney Opera House: fixtures and furnishings D1425
  Sydney Opera House Appeal Fund book of donors D1847
Thompson, Dr Ruth List of records re the Sydney Opera House held by Ove Arup in London D1386
Todd, Lionel Lionel Todd Notes re Sydney Opera House. Restricted. D1348
Tramway Historical Society Collection re Fort Macquarie, including photographs and timetable. D1478
Ulmer. Willi Collection re the Sydney Opera House. Includes architectural plans, construction photographs, Brown competition booklet, A4 versions of competition drawings and other important items D1419
USA Consulate Information Service Hillary Rodham Clinton. Remarks to the women of Australia, Sydney 21 November 1996 [speech notes]. D1839
Yeomans, Mrs June John Yeomans papers re the Sydney Opera House, including copy of Progress at the Sydney Opera, nos 1-2, 1972  D1806
Zunz, Sir Jack Letter form Jack Zunz to Jørn Utzon 14 June 1967, with article The Sydney Opera House As I See It. Restricted. D1403


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